Profile of a Globetrotter, Mentor, Mental Health Practitioner and Emerging Thought Leader: Butho Moyo

Profile of a Globetrotter, Mentor, Mental Health Practitioner and Emerging Thought Leader: Butho Moyo
Butho Moyo

Today we profile Butho Moyo, a mental health practitioner with a healthy and diverse range of interests. Born in the beautiful Zimbabwean town of Gweru, Butho has lived in several Southern African countries, the USA, the UK and currently, Australia. That explains his badge of honour as a Globetrotter.

For some people, having to move so often results in a failure to form lasting and meaningful relationships. However, Butho has a passion for relationships and working with people. This initially led him to pursue studies in marketing, accompanied by volunteer roles as a Youth Mentor and Teacher of Children. At the same time he felt drawn towards health and sought to satisfy the urge by gaining a degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Greenwich.

However, he came to his own when he discovered mental health nursing, leading to qualification from the University of Central Lancashire. This was augmented by postgraduate training as a mentor and assessor of adult learning and continuing education. While undertaking these studies, Butho horned his presentation skills as a guest speaker at the University.

Butho has worked as a psychiatric nurse at various levels both in England and Australia. He is also a qualified telephone triage and advice mental health clinician; skills which he put to good use working for the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) NHS Trust. He currently works in forensic mental health as an associate unit manager in Melbourne, Australia.

It is perhaps little surprise that Butho has recently decided to share insights from his various experiences via his LinkedIn profile. He writes with sensitivity and conviction and we especially recommend this article that he wrote about an experience he had while working for the NWAS. We see him as an emerging thought leader in this field. Check out his LinkedIn profile for a fuller picture of his training, experience, interests and contact information.

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