Interview with Colleen Dixon: Clinical Pharmacist and Author

Interview with Colleen Dixon: Clinical Pharmacist and Author
Colleen Dixon

On the 28th of June we published a profile of Colleen Dixon, a clinical pharmacist and author of a new book aimed at children, parents and teachers, “Coco Loves Her Hair.”

In this conversation we dig a bit deeper to find out what motivates Colleen both as a pharmacist and author. She also opens up about her projects and what’s in store for the future. She then offers useful advice for budding and younger pharmacists as well as anyone with a desire to embark on a creative project.

In the interview, Colleen makes reference to her Kickstarter project. You may find details of the project here. You can now get the paperback on Amazon via this link. You may also find the following infor graphic useful in understanding the background statistics regarding diversity of publications.

Diversity in publications Coco Loves


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