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Master the Basics of Pharmaceutical Calculations

Tutorials on individual topics are available in our Shop. We also offer a comprehensive and affordable course on Udemy to help you prepare for your registration and practice. Click here for further details.

Pharmacy Blog and Podcast Series

We run a video podcast series that’s available on Apple Podcasts. The podcast discusses pharmaceutical calculations, leadership and preventative health. The blog pages on this website broadly follow the same themes.

Care Agencies and Centres

We can help you develop a digital marketing strategy for your business. An affordable initial consultation could easily save you hundreds of pounds. Should you wish to engage our services in the initial stages, we can offer a tailored service in line with your needs. Contact us for details.

We Help You Develop Your Leadership

We’ll help you identify and develop your leadership style in recognition of your unique position and organisation. Our aim is to help you get the best out of your people.